Barbara Ann Kelly (Barby)
Born April 28th, 1975
Age - 35

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Barby's Timeline

April 28, 1975 - Barby Kelly is born in Belascoain, Spain as the 9th of 12 children.

November 1982 - Barbara Ann Kelly - Mother of Barby Kelly, dies of cancer. Barby was named after her mother, and as if it was meant to be that way, was very close to her at age 7 and took the death very hard.

The death of her mother filled, the artistic and poetic, Barby with lyrical songs and paintings to express her grief.

Barby remained the most introverted of all the Kellys and was known for her songs about being crazy, such as this one below taken from 1992 Streetlife, simply entitled, "Crazy".
Barby with sister, Maite
In 1998 - "From Their Hearts" was released by The Kelly Family, and Barby's single "Hooks" flew to the top of the charts and once again put Barby in the spotlight.
In 2002, the Kelly Family released "La Patata" which only featured one song by Barby called "Spinning Around" which was to be her last song. Shortly after the release, Barby left the band indefinately.

Barby rejoined performances with the Kellys in 2001 and had a new song,  "Hey Dude" which never appeared on an album.
In 1994, the release of "Over The Hump" brought Barby into the spotlight having 3 songs on the album when usually she only shared 1.

Baby Smile
She Is Crazy
& Break Free

Barby became very famous among The Kelly Family fans for her sweet and quiet demeanor, as well as her angelic ballet dancing she performed on stage during concerts.

(The quality is very poor in this video, but that is because you were only lucky enough to see this in concerts, and as you can see, the fans adored her.)
In 2000, the release of "Best Of The Kelly Family Volumes 1 and 2" brought a new song to fans called "I Wanna Kiss You" featuring Maite and Barby as a duet team for the first time.
Watch video here.
Barby with some of her artwork.
Unlike most of her brothers and sisters, Barby did not go on to pursue a solo career, and instead enjoys the quiet life, unmarried. You can often spot her with one of her brothers and sisters watching a concert or even on stage ;)