Fan Focus

Here we are going focus on the fans of the Kelly Family.

A great place to meet new fans, from your own country, as well as other countries is the Kelly Family International Forum. I have been a long time fan of this site, and was a fan when it was once The Kelly Starting Page.
It is one of the longest long standing Kelly Pages on the net and full of information!

Go to Forum.

Design & Graphics

There was once an amazing site called "Kelly Design" where the webmaster would make designs for different Kelly sites and forums. She was simply amazing. Unfortanetly the page is no longer available, so I would like to pick up the slack and help Kelly fans with design. It is a great passion of mine and I will share some of my designs with you below to give you an idea of what I can do.

I am offereing this service for all Kelly fans, free of charge.
Here is a Maite desktop background I created.
Here is a Maite banner, I created

Maite Avatars
(Standard Size 100 x 100 pixels)

Please use the form below to contact the webmaster for any type of design you would like. In exchange for your design we would like to have a little information, whether it be a picture or news, etc. To help improve our site.
Thank you!

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