Hold My Hand
(Jimmy's Song For Barby)

Starts talking:

Dear sister,
Do you remember the days
When we use to go swimming down the village river?
The summer's were so hot.
We'd stay out till two in the morning,
Playing hide and seek with the neighborhood kids.
The older folks would sit there and watch the stars shine and fall.
You were a shining star in my life.
I remember after Mother died, you took care of the young brothers and sisters
Even though you were just a girl yourself.
No one could ever take that away from you.
When it came to the music and dance
You were the best.
Better then any one of us, anyway.
You were a genius sometimes.
When I think of you singing that song,
Stronger Than Ever...I still get goosebumps
Yet, I must confess,
Today, I feel powerless in front of you.
I am sorry that I don't know how to help you.
I am sorry that, sometimes, I really don't want too.
I am sorry that we have to take medicine these days
Don't be ashamed, most people need some sort of drug.
It's a junkie world we are living in.
Some get drunk on beer, some get drunk on fame,
Some get drunk on money.
Most of us get drunk on control, fights...
A friend once told me, there are two types of people in this world,
Those who need help, and take it.
And tnose who need help, and don't take it.
Oh dear sister tonight I need your help
I need you to save me
I need you to to give me peace
I need you to forgive me.
I need you to hold my hand.
Yours truly,
Your brother,

Into this world we`re born
It is better to feel withdrawn
In this cold ice we must all survive.

Maybe you lose your way
Maybe you lose your will to fight
You will fall behind and you will die

Would you hold my hand, little sister
Won't you hold my hand, I'm your brother.

I cant help you much
There is so much inside your eyes
And that's the pain that tears me up inside...

Until the day we die
Until the bright new comes by
In this mad house we must all survive.

Would you hold my hand, little sister
Won't you hold my hand, I'm your brother
Would you hold my hand, little sister
Won't you hold my hand, Im your brother.

Hold, hold on
Want you to hold, hold on
Sister hold, just hold on,
Would you stay, stay strong
Yes, you hold, want you to hold on
Won't you hold, hold strong
Yes it hurts
Hold on
Sister stay,
Come on .