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November 23, 2010
(Translated from German to English)

Bonn - After six years as a monk, in the partnership of the holy Johannes, Paddy Kelly left the cloister.  On his homepages, the 32-year-old of the Kelly Family, describes the years in the cloister as the "most extraordinary time of my life".  Kelly wants to dedicate himself now to reinforcing the music.  The singer had entered, according to own statements 2004, into the novice house of the partnership in France and had received later the religious name "brother John Paul Mary".  The Ablegung of its temporal vows and missionary activities followed, according to the homepage of the singer, through his music throughout Europe.  Since 2009 he has lived in an abbey of this partnership in Belgium.  Finally it was in Medjugorje and on the Catholic youth festivals of the partnership Emmanuel in Altötting, in the French Paray-le-Monial and in Marija Bistrica in Zagreb as a guest.  He plays guitar, keyboards, bass and percussion in the volume.  Kelly added further with, he works presently on "new music" with compositions he had begun already as a monk.  His retirement out of the partnership, he decided after his own representation in arrangement with the responsible of his order. "I am so grateful for this deep encounter with Jesus and the experience of its love", writes Kelly on its homepages.  Let us be happy!
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Angelo with wife, and children
September 22, 2010
This isn't really neccessarily an article, but I really enjoyed this post Angelo posted recently to his site.

(Translated from German to English)

After we had prepared all for our one-year Europe trip, we made ourselves finally in March on our way.  In the last months, we traveled through France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark and landed in Italy now.  We were also some times in Germany in order to visit family and friends. 

I could fill an entire book over our previous experiences.  Therefore I decided to show you a couple of photos.  I think, there are a good insight into our present way of life. 

As you can see, I make music still.  I used the opportunity to play on the streets and it is actually an insane experience.  To stand on the street in same eye level with your audience, only with your guitar in the hand and your voice, without microphone and amplifier, is a real challenge for me. 

This trip is well one of the best decisions that I encountered until now in my life.  My family is more closely joined and my children enjoyed it greatly.  That brings me on a crazy novelty.  Kira and I expect our fourth child.  Yes, you read correctly:  FOURTH CHILD!  Slowly we become a big family. 

I think often of you everyone and miss the concerts.  I hope everything goes good for you and in the near future we meet again.

All the best.  Angelo

November 3, 2009

Paddy Kelly Found God.
(translated Spanish to English article)

"Suicide at the present time, felt like the only solution.  I felt absolutely alone and with so much anguish that I preferred to die before I could continue living like this".  This heartwrenching affirmation echoes unusual in a full, optimistic, and proud person of life.  It sounds to improbable to hear the Brother John Paul Mary, long ago Paddy Kelly, to chat of the hour of death, when he resonates joy. 

To Paddy the music albums contributed large quantities of wealth and his photos flooded the cover sheets of the weeklies and he could not travel without a bulletproof vest.  Nevertheless, under his seductive smile, a hidden melancholy was hidden that incited him toward the desperation.  He scaled a canyon and looked down into the depths:  "When I was on the verge of launching myself into oblivion, I heard clearly, the voice of God in my head.  I stepped away from myself and I began to cry".  A catholic priest helped him to find God.  In the year 2004 he entered in the order of the Vicentinos in the monastery of Burgundy, in France. 

Once the leading figure in The Kelly Family, he reveals his feelings, and he relates how he changed, from a famous pop star to be a person discouraged and later, a smiling monk. He was famous, and could not walk along a public highway without being identified and continuously had to endure the photographers that hounded him.  In 1998 he took refuge in a private watchtower, a very large mansion, with a park and flowery garden.  That it was the existence of Paddy Kelly, supposedly he possessed it all, but on the inside, he lacked something more. He felt he was living empty, in a bitter solitude and a grievous silence. 

He sobbed in misery, but the Lord was passing by and gave him the breath of consolation he needed.  He resolved to give his life to Christ, with fullness, but he renounced many beloved beings.  Here is what his promise declares:  "If you are happier with Jesus, then Jesus is happy with him".  He decided to sacrifice his love of song, of his lineage (family) and of his future wife for an immeasurable love, that of God.. 

The self-sacrifice and the delivery to God is a sublime and perfect love; full the heart of harmony and of joy.  God has given to Paddy a kiss in the forehead and will always shine like a bright star. 

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Clemente Ferrer