James Victor Kelly (Jimmy)
Born February 18, 1971
Age - 39

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Jimmy's Timeline
Biography source - www.jimmy-kelly.com

February 18, 1971 - Jimmy is born in Gamonal Spain as the 7th of 12 children.

Inspired by the culture of the Basque region, he and his siblings started to make music in restaurants and bars around town under the name of "Kelly Kids". This was the beginning of an exceptional career, which led the still growing family to a multitude of countries, ultimately becoming known as "The Kelly Family". Through this period, the group developed its musical variety into what was unique in the international cultural landscape.
The Kellys Tour Bus
In 1994 - The family finally hit it big with the release of "Over The Hump" which Jimmy contributed one song, "Cover The Road", which basically described the long drive to fame the family experienced.

Shortly after the release of "Almost Heaven" in 1996, which was hugely successful for Jimmy, having two number one songs from the album,
Na Na Na and Thunder
, Jimmy took a short break from the band to study Film.

In 1998, Jimmy joined his family briefly to make "From Their Hearts" which he appeared in Patricia's song, "Please Don't Go" as a duet only. Around this time, the fans of the family began to worry about whether he had left the band or not.

Instead, Jimmy surprised us with an amazing video he produced and directed for Angelo's song, "I Will Be Your Bride".  He also shocked his fans with a new haircut and bleach blonde hair!

From then on, Jimmy remained with the band and continued to produce wondful albums and music. In 2005 the band silently disbanded, each member going their seperate way to pursue other options.

Jimmy with wife, Meike
Jimmy met and married his wife, Meike, and together they had two beautiful girls, Aimee (Aimeé Benedikta Maria Kelly) born August 9th, 2006 and Máire Therese Seraphine Kelly born May 31, 2008. (Not pictured)
Today the small family travels and sings like Jimmy did as a child. He calls it, going back to his roots and enjoys it very much, as do his fans.
Jimmy, Meike, Jessie & Adam
Jimmy and cousin, Adam Kelly, have teamed up with a new sound called, "The Backyard Kellys" and together with their wives, Meike (Jimmy's Wife) and Jessie (Adam's wife) they are making music together again.

Here is a video of The Kelly Family singing "Mystic Knights" from 1998, during this time Adam Kelly travelled and sang with the family while Jimmy was in film school.
Jimmy & Wife, Meike
Meike Kelly
In the 70s, they became street musicians in Europe with a repertoire of international folksongs. By the beginning of the 80s, they had great success with Irish and German traditional music on TV shows and hit parades.

Performances in their own circus tent and again countless street concerts followed, which were celebrated by thousand and thousands of people. By this time they had a repertoire of African gospels, Irish traditional music and their own songs.

Jimmy has a big interest in films and making films, it's been a hobby of his for several years. He has produced several of the Kelly Family music videos, like for example the clip to his own song "Nanana".

In 1997 Jimmy attended a film-school in Dublin, Ireland, and he started a company called "Warrior Films" together with Melanie Gore-Grimes the same year. Jimmy has made one short film called "Fortune's Fool" which became the Best short film at the Cork Film Festival 1998!

Jimmy was also awarded as the best newcomer producer because of "Fortune's Fool".
From left to right - Joey, Jimmy, Paddy & Maite
"Home Town Sessions"
Released November 13, 2010

Song List -

Rock Island Line
Old Dan Tucker
Only Our Rivers Run Free
Mon Amant De St. Jean
Mo Ghile Mear
Uncle Joe
I'll Tell Me Ma
The Fields Of Anthenry
Wayfaring Stranger
Brincan y Bailan
Ojos Negros
Mira Il Tuo Populo
Wer kann segeln

'The Backyard Kellys'