John Michael Kelly
Born March 8th, 1967
Age 43

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John's Timeline

March 8,1967 - John Michael Kelly is born as the 4th of eleven children, the first born of his mother, Barbara.

At age 4, John joined his olding siblings in their band "The Kelly Kids" and his strong voice, led him to front man, singing most of the childhood songs.
John became very popular with his fans, because they thought him to be "romantic" as the songs he sang were almost always a soft sweet, love ballad.

It turns out, John was romantic, those songs were dedicated to his beautiful wife, Maite Iotiz, who he had met as children in Pampolona Spain.
Here's the song, "I Really Love You" released in 1998 on "From Their Hearts" as a hit single, inspired by his wife, Maite.
John's final song with The Kelly Family, he wrote with sister Kathy, who also left the band around the same time, was By Myself Not Alone. A Farewell to his family band.
John with sister, Kathy
In 1991, The Kelly Family released an obscure album called, "Honest Workers" which John has several songs spots. One being, "When I Was In Town" which if it didn't steal you heart then, it did almost ten years later in 1999, when John brought the almost forgotten song, back to life.

The song describes the life of The Kelly Family singing on the streets as young kids through someone else's eyes.
In 1996 the release of Almost Heaven, gave John a single of his own, "When The Boys Come Into Town"
In 2000, John left the Kelly Family as a band, indefinately. He moved to Spain with his wife, Maite and together they sang and performed for their fans.

Today, John is still traveling and touring Europe as a singing Duo with his wife, Maite, they have no childen yet, and don't know if they will in the future!
John and wife, Maite Itoiz