Here's a little page about myself...
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My name is Amy and I live in the US of A. I have lived here my entire life.
I am 27 years old and engaged to be married in May 2011!

Me & my fiancee
I have two beautiful children, Elaina Bliss and Elijah Leon.
Elaina Bliss
Elijah Leon

Brothers & Sisters

I come from a large family myself! Having 4 brother and 3 sisters (much like the Kelly Family!)
My family are my best friends. I don't know what I would do without them.

Cody, Lukas, Tony, Travis & Me
Heather, me, Hannah and Abby
My greatest passion is webdesign and videography. It consumes my day!!

My official Website

Here are some videos I have made
Here is an Eharmony Spoof Ad I made of my brother, Lukas.
It's hillarious! But, I warn you, may be slightly offensive. haha.
Here's a video I made for Mom
Haha, Lukas eating oatmeal, and crying.

Here's a video I made for my brothers.
My sister Heather, singing Alone by Heart
Heather singing -
I Can't Stop Loving You (Michael Jackson Cover)
Bad Moon Rising (Creedence Cover)
Josh, my cousins and me, sing stars! hahaha
No more?!