Michael Patrick Kelly (Paddy)
Born December 5th, 1977
Age - 32

First Let's Look At Some Photographs...

Paddy's Timeline

Baby Paddy, with his mother, Barbara.
December 5, 1977 - Paddy Kelly was born in Dublin, Ireland as the 10th of 12 children.

November 1982 - Barbara Ann Kelly - Mother of Paddy Kelly dies of cancer. - Age 5.

Paddy, from the age he could speak, began learning languages and instruments. He is one of the most verstile of all the Kellys, knowing, piano, guitar, drums, harmonica, accordian, and violen just to name a few.

Of the his many languages, he knows, first - English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, French and Portugese.
Older brother, John, teaches Paddy the guitar.
Paddy's amazing charisma skills really pushed him to be front man for The Kelly Family, and in 1994 the release of "Over the Hump" proved to be The Kelly's biggest success with his song, An Angel, flying to the top of the charts all over Europe. Age 17.
Paddy with father, Dan
In 1996 The Kelly Family released their album, "Almost Heaven", which in my opinion was exactly that! This time, the lucky Americans, like myself, we're invited to know the obscure Kelly Family with a long running late night infomercial to promote their new album. Age 19.
Paddy's single, "Fell In Love With An Alien" was distrubted FREE to all American's who called and requested it. (ME!!)
At 19 he became the leading producer in the studio and musical leader of the band which has sold 15million records to date and received 48 gold and platinum albums across Europe.

In 2003, Paddy shocked his fans by shedding his long locks and releasing his first solo album, "In Exhile"
Paddy with sister, Maite.
In 2008 Maite, Paddy's sister and best friend, wrote a song called "We Can Love" which has never been released on a CD.

The song, to me, is truly touching and expresses Maite's longing for her brother to return.

Click here, to see a little video I put together with this song.

Here is "An Angel" from a 2003 performance. I love this version. You can see the original video from 1994, on the Videography page.

In 1997 - Growin' Up was released and once again, Paddy stopped and wowed the crowd with, "One More Song" - a haunting song about not giving up. Age 20.
Since his conversion in 1999 Paddy is a confessed Christian and established a charital foundation by which he personally supports humanitarian and cultural projects throughout Europe, India and Africa.

In 2000, The Best Of The Kelly Family, Volumes 1 & 2 were released with Paddy's most revealing, haunting ode yet, "Mama"

                                   Watch video here.

In addition to music, Paddy's second artistic passion is drawing. Paddy is a "health nut" living from organic grown foods and fasting regularly on water only. Inspired by his brother Joey's passion for sports, he has become an enthusiastic runner taking part in marathons as well.

Politically, Paddy recently engaged himself in various peace activities bringing 500.000 demonstrators to a minute of silence in Berlin before singing a song alone with his guitar prior to the war on Iraq.
About a month later, his arrest with Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mairead Maguire in New York which was covered by international media attention, led Iraqi civilians to place posters with pictures of his arrest in Baghdad with the printed headline "If this is how you deal with your celebrities, we don't want your kind of democracy"
After the release of the Kelly Family's final album, "Home Run" Paddy moved to France to study philosophy, and in 2008 became a monk!

Here is his 20 minute testimony.

Below you can see Paddy as a monk (Brother John Paul Mary)
Festival De Pâques May 2010.
So where is Paddy in 2010? The site kath.net reported that Paddy Kelly has left the Johannes Monastery where he was living from 2005 till 2010. Since then, he has started to become closer to the people again, he lives in Belgium.