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Okay, for starters, most fans say that is hard to just chose one favorite, well not me...haha. My favorite is Paddy, obviously. How could he not be everyone's favorite? I mean, all the other's are pretty great, but would I have continued to even delve into the music of the Kelly Family had there been no Paddy?


Go on youtube.com, put in Paddy Kelly and see how many "tribute"videos he has since he left the band, thousands! It's incredible, and he didn't even die.
Okay, so you are wondering why chose him as my favorite? Simple. His voice. It didn't hurt his face was just as beautiful as his vocal chords, and had me wondering if by some chance he may run into me in the States, possibly gassing up and ask for directions...and BAM love at first sight, and lucky me to be so fortunate.

Then they broke the news about him being a monk in France, and I just could not spend the rest of my days crying myself to sleep, so I had to just hurry up and be happy for the prodigy that was given as a gift to God himself. Sigh.


Well, truly, his voice is what drew me in, so I can start by showing you, first and formost the first video and sound of the Kelly Family I ever knew, "Fell In Love With An Alien".

And female wise, I just simply love Maite. End of story.
So now I am going to share some of my most favorite moments of The Kelly Family that has kept me loving them this long!

I'm a big fan of particular live performances, which if you haven't seen you should check them out below, they are truly amazing live.

Shortnin Bread - Live - 1988

Crisis - Live - Street Life - 1992 -

Na Na Na - Music Video - 1996 -
Up Where We Belong - With Joe Crocker - 1996

Life Is Hard Enough - Live - Ostrava - 1997 -
Sick Man - Live - European Stadium Tour - 1997 -
You Belong To Me - Live - Ostrava - 1997

I Will Be Your Bride - Music Video - 1998 -
You're Losing Me - Music Video - 1998 -

All I Ever Needed - Live - TV Clip - 1999

Alle Kinder Brauchen Freude - Live - Staffelstein - 2000 -
Hooks - Making Of - 2000 -
Looking For Love (By Patricia) - Live - Staffelstein - 2000
Mama - Live - Viva Overdrive - 2000 -
Please Don't Go - Live - Staffelstien - 2000 -
Rock & Roll Stole My Soul/Amazing Grace - Live - Staffelstien - 2000 -

Miss Speechless - Music Video - 2002 -
Watch The Steps - Demo - Music Video - 2002 -

An Angel - Live - Rockpalast - 2004 -
Blood - Music Video - 2004 -
Carry My Soul - Music Video - 2004 -
Don't Be So Unhappy - Music Video - 2004  -
Flip A Coin - Music Video - 2004 -
I Wish The Very Best - Music Video - 2004 -

Do They Know It's Christmas - Live - TV Clip - 2006
We Can Love - Live - Fan Video About Maite & Paddy - 2006

Hurt (Christina Aguilera cover) - Live - Gymnich - 2008
Thanking Blessed Mary - Live - Medjugorie - 2008

Umbrella (Rhianna cover) - Live - Grimma - 2009
What Have I Done - Live - Borne - 2009
Wonderful World - Live - 2009
Now, as for "fan videos" I think they're great. I can really appreciate a good video, some have even brought me to tears, but some have brought me to tears with boredom! So let's leave the videography to the professionals people and take a look at a few of my favorite fan made tribute videos.

Okay, one of the fan videos only made the "FAVORITE VIDEO" cut above because the song was amazing, and that's "We Can Love"

Next -

Revolutionary Love - Paddy Kelly Tribute
Why Don't You Go - Paddy Kelly Tribute
Baby Smile - Barby Kelly  Tribute
Close second, is Angelo Kelly. I just couldn't get over the fact he had such a big voice coming out of a twelve year old kid. This time I wasn't drooling over his face, so I could actually focus on the lyrics, and I was like geez, this kid has talent.
My first experience with Angelo Kelly was the infamous, I Can't Help Myself, which I didn't even have the pleasure of seeing until like May 1998 TWO years after the album was released! Yeah devasting information when I found out.

Anyway, here is the video that did me in.
So after learning about their music, and letting it grow on me, because literally I was rolling with laughter after experiencing Fell In Love With An Alien for the first time, I discovered there was a lot more to learn about their music.

For starters there was like 12 of them at one point, and now 9, in 1998, and they had been together for 30 years! Wait, what? As I dug up more online information I learned they were severely talented, knowing nearly 6 instruments a piece and 8 languages.

I'm a sucker for talent.

They also, wrote all their own music and songs, except for their traditional folk music. And get this, produced and managed themselves? WOW!  So what was the problem? Why weren't they famous in the USA? Since when didn't we know the first scoop on something this great?

Problem number one. All the boys had long hair. I thought it was sexy, but the other 99 percent thought it was gay. Hmmm.

Problem number two. They were in constant costume. Because they had such vestile roots, of singing in the streets and being travlers, they had almost been labled as gypsies and definately played the part.
Yeah, it's cute, but at the same time, slightly embarrassing to admit you like them. People can be pretty judgemental and ignorant. :(

But, this was 12 years ago. I was a kid, and it still didn't stop be from loving them, and I still love them just as much today as I did then, and they have come a long way from that.